Simple Ways to Live a More Fit Life

Avatar simplyfunmi | March 30, 2019

Let’s face it, most of us have very busy lives. While it is ideal to set out time to exercise most days out of the week, there are times when it can be difficult to fit into our day-to-day activities. I personally enjoy devoting time for movement or exercise, but we all have moments when life gets hectic and exercise falls by the wayside because we’re human. Whenever this happens to me, I make even more of an intentional effort to ensure I incorporate fitness into my daily routine. Here are some of my tips.

Use the stairs instead of an elevator

In our technology ridden world, the convenience of escalators and elevators have an unintended effect of generally making us less active. When I’m out and about, I try to make a conscious effort to take the stairs whenever possible. Even just a short flight of stairs can lead to significant benefits over time. Stair climbing can improve your mood, the health of your heart, and strengthen your leg muscles. Sometimes I even find taking the stairs quicker than taking the elevator, especially if it’s a slow one. Taking the stairs is a fun and inexpensive habit to build, and it can be done anytime.

Speed clean your home everyday

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, speed cleaning at the end of the day is a great way to incorporate more fitness into your life. I’m not referring to a deep clean that could take hours to do. You can save deep cleaning for weekends or when you have some extra time on your hands. Speed cleaning is just going through each space in your home and doing a quick cleaning session to reset the room and make it look presentable. I particularly love this tip because it has several benefits. Having a light cleaning session at the end of your day ensures you get more steps in daily. More steps equal more calories burned. There’s also the benefit of maintaining a clean home, which leads to better mental clarity for me.

Take some time to play with kids/pets

This tip is for folks who have kids or a pet like a dog. Kids tend to have a lot of energy and usually want to play all the time. Some pets can be this way too but not all. Playing with your kids or pets ensures you’re spending quality time with them while getting a good burn too. You really have to get into it and let out your inner child. Some things I like to do with my kids are go to the park together, play hide and go seek, dance (I don’t have the best dance moves but who cares :), or even workout together. It could be anything just as long as there’s movement and play involved.

Park far from buildings

This is another strategy I occasionally use to be more active and incorporate fitness into my life. By parking far, I have to walk a little longer than usual to get to the my final location, which translates to being more active. Of course don’t try this if you have 6-inch stilettos on. Comfortable shoes will do the trick.

Use commercial breaks to your advantage

I don’t watch TV as much as I did when I was younger, because #adulting. When I do, I periodically get in some movement during commercial breaks. If you want to try this, you can start small and you don’t need any equipment. For instance, do 10 push-ups, jumping jacks or sit-ups for each break. Then you can build on this as time goes on. I find this to be useful and practical at the same time.

I hope you found these tips helpful. What are some of your tips for incorporating fitness into your daily routine?

Written by simplyfunmi

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